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Mission and Objectives




Our mission is to promote and maintain effective business-related communication among SCAPR members, the aerospace industry, and government agencies associated with or located in Southern California. The organization is to provide a non-attribution forum for the interchange of information among the members of SCAPR and agencies supporting the space exploration and national security activities of the United States; and to promote professional relationships and understanding among the members of SCAPR.


Our first objective is to establish a forum and environment for the presentation of information on government space programs that is helpful to our members. SCAPR is a non-profit, non-discriminatory and politically non-partisan organization. For the speakers, the environment is a not-for-attribution forum with no media allowed. This environment allows our speakers to exchange information openly with our members and answer questions easily and comfortably.


Our second major objective is for our members to have the opportunity to network easily with other business development professionals (and related program management leaders) for business purposes. SCAPR consists of aerospace business development professionals who desire to promote and maintain effective business-related communication between the Southern California Aerospace Industries (represented by SCAPR members) and government agencies (represented by senior government or military guest speakers) as well as SCAPR members. The SCAPR members represent more than 70 aerospace and aerospace-related companies in Southern California.


These major objectives are accomplished principally through monthly business luncheons. We host special guest speakers who are primarily senior government officials in key roles in our Nation’s space programs. Business meetings are usually topical with primary interest being on DOD, Air Force, and military or civilian space activities. Presentations by guest speakers include discussion on policy changes or emphasis, space doctrine, requirements and tactics, system acquisition and procurement plans, and evaluation of effectiveness of space system support to military operations. SCAPR business meetings present an opportunity for the guest speaker to review the status of their programs or discuss Space operations or new policy initiatives with industry professionals representing all areas of the military aerospace business.


Additionally, these meetings provide our speakers with a great opportunity to get feedback from knowledgeable SCAPR members, many of whom are senior industry officials from large and small Southern California aerospace companies. SCAPR members are always interested in hearing about new plans, programs and acquisition activities that represent new business opportunities.

The SCAPR organization also coordinates and supports other professional organizations in support of the Air Force Space Missile Center (SMC) activities. These activities include industry day activities and support to other SMC volunteer organizations and activities. Examples include the SMC Annual Children’s Holiday party, the AF Community College Graduation program and the Annual LAAFB Spouse’s Club Scholarship program.