Upcoming Events

Jan 11, 2018
 SCAPR Luncheon
 Lt Gen John Thompson,  Commander, SMC/CC
Feb 8, 2017
 SCAPR Luncheon
 Col Chris Wegner, Acting Director of Contracting, SMC/PK
Mar 9, 2017
 SCAPR Luncheon
 Col Wallace ‘Rhet’ Turnbull III, Deputy Director, Space Superiority Directorate, SMC/SY
Apr 12, 2017
 SCAPR Luncheon
Col Steve Whitney, Director, Global Positioning Directorate, SMC/GP
May 10, 2017
 SCAPR Luncheon
 Col Kent Nickle, Deputy Director, Launch Enterprise Directorate, SMC/LE
 Jun 2, 2017
Spring Fling
Shade Hotel in Redondo Beach
 Jul 12, 2017
SCAPR Luncheon
Col Jeffrey Stutz, Deputy Director, Advanced Systems & Development Directorate, SMC/AD
Aug 9, 2017
SCAPR Luncheon
Col Brian Bracy, Deputy Director, Space Defense Task Force
Sep 13, 2017
 SCAPR Luncheon
Col Thomas Rock, Director,  Range and Network Division, SMC/RN
Oct 11, 2017
SCAPR Luncheon
Mr. Thomas Becht, Executive Director, MILSATCOM Systems Directorate
 Nov 8, 2017
SCAPR Luncheon
Col Dennis Bythewood, Director, Remote Sensing Systems Directorate
Dec 8, 2017
Holiday Party
King Harbor Yacht Club – 280 Yacht Club Way, Redondo Beach
The schedules of our speakers can change unexpectedly.  Should that happen, the program offices are committed to providing an equally qualified representatives.  Your 2017 SCAPR Programs Director, Don Wussler, is committed to keeping us notified of timely changes so you may plan accordingly.
For planning purposes, we are attempting to schedule luncheon programs every 2nd Wednesday of each Month.
Guests are welcome with member sponsorship and $40 payable in advance.