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Esteemed SCAPR Members


It is time for the 2017 EXCOM Election.  It is my pleasure to announce that the nominating committee has voted unanimously to have as our 2017 Vice President—Nancy Thurlow.  Nancy has accepted the position and will serve as our Vice President to Nancy Insprucker–incoming 2017 President.   The current board members have indicated that they will continue serving on the 2017 SCAPR EXCOM in positions of higher responsibility.


So that means that there are (2) SCAPR EXCOM positions open in 2017—Activities Chair and Secretary.  These positions are open for nominations of regular SCAPR Members and the positions are defined as follows:

Secretary – Records, distributes (to EXCOM) and maintains the minutes of the Executive Committee meetings and of business conducted at member meetings. Maintains and updates the SCAPR website to ensure timely and accurate notifications to the general membership.

Activities Chair—Plans and executes 2 SCAPR activities—Spring Fling (June) and Holiday Party(December) Events within budget allocations and approval from the EXCOM.  Attends the EXCOM meetings to ensure that activities are appropriate and within the SCAPR members interests.


If you are interested, please submit your name and a candidate statement to Rolando Ventura ( by 28 October 2016.